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This chart is SDRT Power Inducter

SDRT4717, SDRT4727, SDRT5727, SDRT6727, SDRT6737 Series


  • Extremely flat power inductorHigh current capabilityHigh reliability and perfect soldering characteristics because of a intergrated soldering pad
  • Magnetically shielded which results in a low leakage field.


  • Portable power like PDA, digital cameraPCMICA - cards and displaysDC/DC converter
  • Recommended for switching regulator IC's from Linear Technologies, etc.


  • Rated DC Current: Inductance drops 35% (Max.) from its initial value, or temperature rise by 40(Ta=25), whichever is smaller.
  • Test equipment: Inductance is measured with WK3260A Meter or equivalent.
  • Operating temperature range: -25 to +85