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This chart is SC Power inductor
SC2012, SC4015, SC5015, SC5018 series
  • Shielded type to prevent noise radiation
  • Suitable for needs of making to a big current because of the speed-up of a super-thin type and low loss
  • The SMD technology which can be mounted in a high density is achieved for personal -computer
  • Hig saturation current
  • Low profile
  • Low DC resistance
  • High temperature application environment
  • Notebook computers
  • DC/DC converters
  • Server
  • On-board power supply
  • Graphic cards
  • High current switching regulators
  • Rated DC Current: The value of current indiccates that the temperature of coil is increased by 50 (Typical) (Ta=25)
  • Test equipment: Inductance is measured with WK3260A Meter or equivalent
  • Operating remperature range: -25 to +125