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This chart is BFS Power Inductor

BFS5220, BFS7330 Series


  • The Surface Mount Inductors are designed for the smallest possible size and high performance. They are with high energy storage and very Low resistance making them the ideal inductors for DC-DC conversion in the following application.
  • Low profile and shielded very effective in space-conscious applications
  • Low resistance and high-energy storage.


  • Excellent as DC-DC converter used in notebooks computers
  • PDA and mobile hand phones. Step-up or step-down converters, flash memory.


  • Rated DC Current: Inductance drops 25% (Max.) from its initial value, or temperature rise by 40 (Ta=25), whichever is smaller.
  • Test equipment: Inductance is measured with WK3260A Meter or equivalent.
  • Operating temperature range: -25 to +85